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    Daily Affirmations in the Middle of a Pandemic

    Share this...FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestemailLike most- COVID-19 has tried to take my edges, it’s called me everything but a child of God and even tried to cancel my wedding. My immediate reaction was to freak out, cry, pray, and then start again from step one. Fortunately, I’m finally feeling at peace with the new reality this pandemic has ushered into my life. The best tool that I have used to get back to this place has been sticking with my morning routine. In the morning I get up, do some light stretches, journal, read my bible and start the morning with daily affirmations. These cards remind me who I am, keep me assured…

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    My Jordan Year

    Share this...FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestemail23 was such a whirlwind year for me. I started 23 gallivanting around a foreign country completely amazed with my life. This year I was able to move to Jacksonville, finally be consistent with my blog, and improve my physical and mental health. Looking back I had some memorable high moments. But boy oh boy did the year as a whole suck. I was forced to learn a lot about myself, what I can handle, and redefine my relationship with God. For every “win” that I shared on social media, there were at least 6 “I don’t know how I’m going to make it to tomorrow’s.” That’s a scary…