• Daily Affirmations Blog Post

    Daily Affirmations in the Middle of a Pandemic

    Like most- COVID-19 has tried to take my edges, it’s called me everything but a child of God and even tried to cancel my wedding. My immediate reaction was to freak out, cry, pray, and then start again from step one. Fortunately, I’m finally feeling at peace with the new reality this pandemic has ushered into my life. The best tool that I have used to get back to this place has been sticking with my morning routine. In the morning I get up, do some light stretches, journal, read my bible and start the morning with daily affirmations. These cards remind me who I am, keep me assured that…

  • Healthy Coping Skills

    Healthy Coping Skills I’ve Learned

    The end of last year was hard. I wish I could say that it was this sudden event that caused my world to turn upside down but it wasn’t. It was a series of small actions that lead to me making myself small, not practicing healthy boundary settings, and the worst depressive episode I have ever had. After taking a very long pause on all things not absolutely necessary, getting back on anti-depressants, and finding a therapist I can trust – I have revised what coping skills I use. I learned painful lessons and as I’m starting to come through the other side, I am understanding that it’s the little things…

  • My Esthetician School Journey

    Minding My Business and Trusting God – My Journey to *Finally* Starting Esthetician School

    When I first started blogging is when I truly started learning about skincare. After I fully immersed myself in glam makeup, I learned about how a good esthetician can merge the two worlds. (Mainly because I wanted my makeup to look better. Sorry not sorry.) I became fascinated with the career. The idea of helping people achieve their makeup and skincare goals seemed like the best job in the world. I immediately added it to my to-do list – and left it there for 3 years. I told my family and friends that this is something that I wanted to do and for the past 3 years there was always something…

  • e.l.f. cosmetics 1 brand tutorial by ODStorytime

    e.l.f. Cosmetics – One Brand Makeup Look

    I have loved e.l.f. Cosmetics for a long long time, y’all. It honestly might be quite possible that I use something from them every time I do my makeup. For Christmas this year, my mom gifted me some products and I hoarded them until I got the chance to write this post. (Yes, I’m ridiculous.) I recently picked up a bunch of their new products and filmed a get ready with me video for my Youtube channel!  My favorite product is the Poreless Putty Primer. I heard through the grapevine that it had the same flawless makeup effects (sadly without the skincare benefits) of the Tatcha Silk Canvas primer. Throughout…

  • @ItsMyRayeRaye and BH Cosmetics Palette

    @ItsMyRayeRaye and BH Cosmetics Palette Round 2!

    My favorite beauty collab of 2017 was the @ItsMyRayeRaye and BH Cosmetics eyeshadow, contour, and highlight palette. A year and a half later, I still religiously use this palette and keep up with all that is BH Cosmetics and @ItsMyRayeRaye. The two decided to release another eyeshadow palette. In fact, I screamed when I saw the announcement. I am very dramatic in real life and not just on my blog. The new glam eyeshadows are a stunning release from @ItsMyRayeRaye and BH Cosmetics. Glam makeup makes me happy. Recently, I’ve had to master the art of a “quick 20-minute beat.” During this time, not once did I feel the rush and…

  • bite beauty lip lab

    Bite Beauty Lip Lab

    My 25th year around the sun was a lot. Frankly, I didn’t think my year was going to go like this. However, it taught me more about love, my “no’s” became louder than ever, and I accomplished a lot of health goals; and for all of this, I am thankful. As my 26th birthday started to creep up on me; I became confused as to how I wanted to spend it. Which is where my fiancé stepped in. He planned the entire day out for me and all I had to do was live in the moment. He knows I love beauty and one of my long term goals is…

  • 5 Things That Have Changed Since My Engagement

    Five Things That Have Changed Since My Engagement

    A little over three months ago, Josh and I officially announced to the world that we were going to do this thing called life together. It was such an exhilarating time in our relationship. We spent the next month looking at each other with crazy love eyes, ignoring responsibilities, and eating way too much cake. Since then, in preparation for our marriage, a lot of things have changed. I’ve been overcome with the idea that it’s not just me anymore. In order to properly transition into this new chapter, I needed to change. Lifestyle Choices After a hard look at my lifestyle choices, I’ve made a bunch of changes to…

  • ODBeauty

    Books and Bronzer: Becoming by Michelle Obama

    For 8 years the United States had a First Lady who was the definition of style, grace, and black excellence. I vividly remember the effects of having Barack and Michelle Obama, a Black President and First Lady, as I was coming of age.  My house was the only home on our block that had a blue banner with an Obama / Biden sign on it. I remember wearing my Obama shirt on Election Day in ’08 just hoping that by wearing it I could help influence the adults that would be voting around me to make the correct choice. Post-inauguration, I felt the effects of the “Let’s Move” campaign as…

  • 2018 Makeup Favorites

    2018 Makeup Favorites

    2018 was a big year for the beauty business. From the Fenty effect to blogger collab galore, there was a shift in the beauty atmosphere. Generally, the changes are being made to be more inclusive in marketing efforts and product availability. With all the recent “look we have shades too” efforts, it’s hard to determine if all the hooplah is just for sales. Yes, I’m excited that you’re creating more shades but are you also creating a more diverse marketing department? Were these recent changes made just to sell a product? Or do the brands actually understand that diversifying the accounting department is just as important as expanding the shade range? This is why…

  • ODStorytime's Top 5 Beauty Gift Sets

    Top 5 2018 Holiday Gift Sets

    Shopping for a beauty addict during holiday time can be stressful. With the beauty industry in full swing, there are a trillion different gift sets to choose from! I understand that there are people who are only confused by all of the beautiful options. This is why I created my list of the top gift sets out right now to give your favorite beauty addict this holiday season. The quality of these products are high and the value of the set is even higher. Go ahead, treat someone! 1- Beauty Blender Set All About Face Set – $42 | Get it at Ulta! The Beauty Blender is a staple product of…