Wealthy Goals

I’ve talked about how lit my friend group “Handsome and Wealthy” is before on this blog. Demarquin and Cortney are at Harvard Law, Kachi is at Howard Med, and Andre just got a new job where he’ll be a site manager at a new Amazon Campus at the University of Maryland. Lit. As you can imagine, our lives have placed us across the country. Yet, we’ve established the tradition of spending NYE together. This year, they traveled to the great city of Jacksonville, Florida to spend some time with me in my new city.
About a month before they started coming down I started bothering them, and all of my other friends, about getting serious about their 2017 vision. I set the goal categories of financial, educational, health, relationship, and miscellaneous and reminded them about twice a week that they needed to understand their goals before they got down to Jacksonville for the festivities. It became, and still is, a running joke in our group that anytime anything pops up you should just add it to your goals because Alyssa is going to ask you about it. It’s sarcastically hilarious, but I’m serious.
2016 was a year of change and challenge for me. Practically everything that I knew and held true was rocked to its core. I was challenged in ways that I didn’t even know I could be challenged.My depression made everything difficult.  People that I swore were lifelong friends withered before my eyes. I was lost at multiple times throughout the year and unfortunately, my walk with God suffered.
That is why this year I want to attack conquering my demons differently. I understand that God’s will for me will be accomplished but if I create a blueprint for what I think success looks like he only has room to astonish me and surpass all my expectations. I’ve created a plan so that I’m not so lost in the world when things go left in 2017. Most importantly, it’s a new year so that mean’s a new Alyssa. Duh.
I’m not going to share all of my goals, but one of them is to be unapologetically dramatic and to live in my truth every day. That’s why one of our activities for Jacksonville was a photo shoot. Because, why not? I even went to the lengths to joke about it with some of my Tinder matches to see if they were interested in being our photographer for the day. My life really has no chill. Despite my unsuccessful Tinder campaign, I’ve created some lasting memories with some of the people I hold closest to my heart. There could have been no better way to start 2017 than with days of laughter and love.
Cheers to 2017 and to attacking all of my goals fiercely and deliberately!