COVID-19 Survival Tips from Nature

Survival Tips from Nature

Since lockdown began, I have been binge-watching animal documentaries on BBC America and National Geographic as part of their Earth Day campaign. Learning about the hunting styles of lionesses or watching sea otters devour a sea urchin is entertaining af. It’s also an incredible distraction technique that helps me not mass obsess over COVID-19. Unfortunately, as I’ve become consumed with learning about sea dragons, I’ve been beating myself up about the level of productivity that I haven’t been producing. 

Social media is inundated with quotes that say something like “If you don’t find all of Voldermort’s Horcrux’s during this time you don’t lack time you lack discipline.” Or my personal favorites that remind people to “come out of this stronger with a new skill, side hustle, or having lost 800 pounds.” Naturally, I drastically cut back on the time I spent on social media because being constantly told to be productive in the midst of a crisis was stressing me out. I was frozen in fear and worry and decided that simply giving up and watching Netflix is the best way to overcome it. Fortunately, with the increase in my nature binge-watching, I became inspired by nature to just keep swimming and adapt in order to survive.

Like most, the pressure I was placing on myself to be overly-productive during this time comes and goes like waves. And that’s okay. It’s okay to not be productive all day every day. As long as I give my best each day and survive, I’ll be okay.  

Survival is the new normal for a lot of people right now. People all over the world are just placing one foot in front of the other so that they can make it to the next day as they try to choose life and survive. 

This Earth Day, look to nature for COVID-19 survival tips and encouragement.

1- Just Keep Swimming 

Doing a little every day is better than doing nothing every day. Despite what is happening, choose life and just keep swimming. 

2- Adapt 

All throughout the animal kingdom, you can find extraordinary measures of adaptation from species trying to survive. There is always something new to try to help you with your situation if you don’t give up. Try switching up your work style or incorporating daily affirmations to help you feel better and accomplish your goals.  

3- Celebrate Your Accomplishments 

After a whale makes a kill or wins a mate, you see a celebration! Clap for yourself for the little and the big things during this time. Each achievement you accomplish is a blessing and worthy to be praised. 

Let me know in the comments how nature has inspired you to adapt and just keep swimming!