When I was at Howard, I was blessed to be able to become a member of the Psi Tau Chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi, Professional Business Fraternity. Throughout my time as an undergraduate member of the chapter, I was given so much. I was blessed with an incredible lineage full of people who have helped shape me into the woman that I am. I have a group of specials that keep me laughing and constantly push me towards success. I was honored to help bring in a new class of brothers and teach them how to be great business professionals and amazing brothers. I had access to talented artists, creative designers, entrepreneurs, future lawyers, nurses and everything else under the sun. My connections are so strong and my love for the chapter runs extremely deep. But, the biggest gift that Psi Tau ever blessed me with is my pledge brothers.


God continuously shows his love for me through these human vessels. Since I met them they’ve helped me in more ways that I’m willing to admit in this post. They’re my rocks. They’re my cheerleaders. They’re my financial advisors. They’re my favorite comedians. They’re everything. Most importantly, they continuously push me to grow. I’m living my very best life and it’s because they hold me accountable to chasing my dreams. Often times when I’ve been so confused they’ve been a facetime, phone call, text message, tweet, or DM away.


Unfortunately, despite us being so connected, life has brought us to so many different areas. We haven’t all been together since May 2015 and we decided that we needed a cabin retreat to celebrate 4 years of brotherhood.


Somehow I had it in my mind that I was going to spend the time relaxing, getting a lot of sleep, and reading a book. None of that happened. I spent the entire weekend laughing until it hurt, pretending to be on a radio talk show, dancing, drinking wine, talking until 3 in the morning and wishing the weekend would never end. The energy in the cabin was so electrifying and supportive. Outsiders looking in would’ve probably laughed at how freakishly close we’ve grown to be over the past four years. We love each other so much that you could smell the joy in the air.

Above all the bliss this weekend brought me, God’s timing is what impacted me the most. It astonishes me that He was able to know that this weekend we would all need each other more than ever. It came at such a perfect time. Between my 9-5, my job at Ulta, and maintaining the progression of this blog I’ve found myself a little stressed out. I’m really happy with where my life is at the moment and I love all the different hats I wear, but I needed a break. And while I got virtually no sleep this weekend, I feel so beautifully refreshed. I don’t know what’s going to happen next in our lives but I know that the gift of Epsilon is a blessing from above that I will spend the rest of my life cherishing.


To my pledge brothers Natasha, Reshod, Disa, Terrence, Mike, Tisha, Jasmine, Rob, and Rachel thank you for our #StillEpsilon weekend and your constant love.