My Month Without Wine

I randomly decided to do a month where all I could drink was water and tea. The rules were that I couldn’t drink coffee, alcohol, or any other beverage.

   It all came about when I woke up from a night out feeling absolutely horrible. I became more annoyed with myself when I realized that I drank some water right before bed in order to prevent a headache. This combined with my recent obsession with preventing wrinkles was enough to get me to commit to a system reset. My body needed a cleanse. The only problem with the timing of my realization is that it happened a few days before my friends came to Jacksonville. The time to care about your liver is not the same time all of your friends come to your city to drink and celebrate the new year with you. So, I decided that from January 4th to February 4th I would only drink water and tea.
  The night before I was supposed to start I cleaned, took a long bubble bath, and tried to finish the last of a wine bottle that I had from our celebration shenanigans. But, my liver was truly screaming at me and I ended up pouring about half of what was left in the sink. I got in the bed and the next morning woke up with the biggest headache of my life. I assumed it was my body understanding that something wicked this way was coming. Realistically, it was the fact that I tried to drink some cheap wine just to get rid of it. Regardless, the only thing that I wanted to do was get some coffee. It was my first day back at my 9-5 after my vacation time and I also had a 4-hour shift at Ulta after that. I needed caffeine. But alas, new day new me.
  I severely struggled with my day. I actually reached a new level of struggle. My struggle was struggling. I chugged so much tea and, unfortunately, very little water. By the end of the day, I felt just as bad as I did at the start. I crawled into bed struggling even further with the idea of a month without coffee.
  Eventually, days got easier and I got my life. I learned that my body reacts so much better to water than coffee. (This is an obvious fact to anyone who knows anything about fitness but I clearly had to learn the hard way.) Now, I crave water. In the morning I wake up and chug some water then eventually make my way to some tea about halfway through my first hour in the office. That one one cup lasts me the entire day. I usually do start to yawn when I’m at Ulta. However, I’ve come to the conclusion that yawning at that hour of the day is a healthy reaction to the number of hours of work I’ve been putting in. I even get better sleep. I used to have to take Melatonin to help with my sleep but now, my body knows 11:30 pm is bedtime and I always wake up feeling refreshed. Some days that refreshed feelings lasts longer than others, but at least I always get it.
  The one thing I didn’t miss at all during this time was any form of alcohol. Thanks to 2Chainz, I finally tried Chamomile tea. During this month when I was super stressed and needed to relax I would brew a pot and get in the bath tub and soak my worries away. My body didn’t hate me afterward and it usually puts me right to sleep. I also got super busy between all of my different commitments so I didn’t even have time to go out and put myself in a position to socially drink. It was great! My skin started clearing up, I felt lighter, I got more sleep, and felt focused.
  On February 5th, I had a long day at Ulta and a bunch of personal projects to work on. So, since my fast was over I had a cup of coffee as I applied my makeup. My day sucked and I felt tired faster than I would have with tea. On the way home I picked up some wine…my name is still Alyssa. After one glass I put it down and made some tea and got in the tub. It’s the only thing from the day that eased my stress. The next morning I woke up and brewed some green tea and got straight to work. I’m such a proud grandma.
  I’m not saying I’m giving up alcohol and coffee for life. In fact tomorrow I have a day that will last from 5:30 am to 7:30 pm with no breaks. I’m sure I’ll have more than one cup of coffee and tea to get me through. Yesterday, I went to a Superbowl party and had some gin jello-shots and a few Blue Moons. I enjoyed myself as much as I could in the awkward party I was at (an ODstory for another time.) But I will be drinking more water and tea than I was before. I at least know that much.