All I did on Saturday was sleep. Well, that and caught up with my best friends. But the important part of this story is that all I did on Saturday was sleep.

Friday was my last day at Ulta, things have been coming together with my professional life, and my personal life seemed less frantic this week. So on Saturday, I accidentally, on purpose, took a 5-hour “nap.”

When I woke up I spent the next 4 hours watching YouTube, Netflix, and Snapchat until I fell back asleep for another 6 hours. So, once again, all I got so much sleep on Saturday.

I can’t remember the last time I got that much sleep. I didn’t just close my eyes. I rested. My REM stage and I were actually friends instead of mutual twitter followers who RT each other every once in a while. My body needed that sleep. My body demanded that sleep. But most importantly my body was more productive because of that sleep.

On Sunday I knocked out my entire to-do list and still had time left in my day to soak my troubles away with a hot bath. Looking back on my life for the past few months I have hardly taken time for myself. I’ve been keeping my eye on the prize and going full speed ahead towards my dreams. Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished recently, but my body needed a break. It needed a real break instead of a few hours every now and then to watch Netflix. I needed sleep.

I’m in a big season of change. Lots of things are happening and I’m refocusing my short-term goals and actions to better align with my long-term desires. So, moving forward, I’m going to make more time for sleep. It’s what my body needs.