I’ve been teaching myself about the concept of self-care lately. For me, this means purposely taking the time to disconnect from my social media outlets and my computer in order to recharge, reflect, and de-stress. Since I’ve started consciously doing this, I’ve noticed that I gravitate to three tasks that help me refuel.
1. A Bubble Bath with Wine and a Great Book
     This one is my favorite things to do in life. Listen, there is nothing as relaxing as feeling your troubles melt away while getting lost in a book. I make sure I do this at least once a week. When my troubles of the moment are too deep to let my mind concentrate on a storyline, I get in the tub with jazz music softly playing in the background and somehow I emerge with a course of action. I don’t know how it all works out but it does. I put Epsom salt, coconut oil, and this bubble bath solution from Walmart and soak for at least 30 minutes. Plus, there’s the added benefit of hygiene. I see no downfalls to be honest.
2. FaceTime
     None of my close friends are in Jacksonville and I miss them all. So, our e-relationships have grown. Texting is cool and all but it’s dope to see people’s reactions to what I have to say in real time. I get to see them roll their eyes when we discuss my latest boy drama, how they smile when I talk about something I’m working on for the blog, and how their eyes focus with intent and concern when I discuss what I struggled with since our last conversation. Since I can no longer pop up to their dorm room with a bottle of wine and a heavy heart, this is my way of making sure I stay up to date with their latest hairstyle and get a few laughs in while I do.
3. Scrapbooking
      I’ve always been the grandma of my friend groups. I’m the friend who will force you take a picture of the moment when you really don’t want to. I make sure everyone has their jacket before we leave the building. But most importantly, I’m the friend who is always hounding you about something you told me you wanted to work on. Well, in respect to my grandma-ness, I scrapbook to put all those pictures to use. Currently, I’m working on a scrapbook that reflects my junior and senior years at Howard and Lawddddd. Despite me having too many memories to cram into this small book and a daunting deadline of May 2017, working on the book relaxes me. I work out the problems in my mind by cutting up pictures, patterned paper, and short synopsis to create a visual story that represents a significant moment in my life or the deep friendships that I share with my loved ones. It’s one of the most expensive hobbies that I have, but it’s worth every penny.
Do you have a favorite way to decompress? Let me know how you self-care in the comments below!