Consciously Over-Committed


It’s 12:37 AM on Monday as I write this.


My Sunday went a little something like: church service, boozy afternoon brunch, slips into a mimosa-induced coma for roughly 4 hours, wakes up to 20 text messages about everything, and then began the process of “how did I even get here today” matched with “you don’t have time for this shit” conversations with myself.


Typing all of that out, coupled with thinking about my bad decisions today, I’m beginning to actualize two facts.


FACT ONE: I am going to be awake for an unknown amount of time and undoubtedly will regret that tomorrow.


FACT TWO: Because my day was exponentially less productive than planned, I am already behind for the entire week


Now I’m sure you’re wondering, why can’t she just play catch-up during her unknown amount of awake time? Logic would tell you that is the right answer… and I’m not here to argue with you girls to say it’s not. But what I will argue is that, I can’t. When I say that I can’t, it’s not that I don’t want to, it’s that I was honestly already behind before I even started.


See, like many women, I do this thing where I over-commit to doing everything. I get ninety percent of it done on time, eight percent done behind schedule (like writing this blog submission), and then the leftover two percent either gets deprioritized or redefined into a scope that’s more likely to make it into next week’s ninety percent.


The cycle quite literally never ends. Therefore, when I have days like Sunday, where mimosas hindered me from being my best self, I’m literally screwed… but what’s a girl to do?


Doubling back to logic, one would probably suggest: finding myself a seat and not doing so much all the time. However, the counter argument to that recommendation would be: but I want to be great. I want to be the woman who has it all. I want the lovely family, I want the high-powered career, I want the luxurious closet, I want the coveted vacations, I want the sexy cars… I want it all. And as I’m sure we all have come to realize… to have it all (when you weren’t born into generational wealth) you must work your ass off; therefore, that’s what I intend to do.


By doing that, I am confident that one day, probably no time soon, I’ll be able to sit on that very ass that I worked off and smile. I’ll be perched, looking fabulous, with a great beat under my Prada shades, watching my children run through sprinklers while I muse about having to restyle their hair. I’ll turn and glance at my husband who’s grilling food and quietly being the beautifully obedient, well-meaning suburban husband, that I know I deserve, and be appreciative. I’ll be appreciative of all these times, when I’m overworked, overcommitted, and frankly just a little hung-over… but am powering through my work anyways, because seemingly these are the building blocks to greatness. I’ll email my personal assistant a list of tasks and then sit back, take a swig of my favorite red blend (out of my goblet sized wine glass) and I’ll know it was all worth it.


Those visions of my future are what keep me going, over-commitments and all.


So if you find yourself on a Sunday, looking over your agenda, and wondering how you’re going to get everything done. If you find yourself saying “why do I always say yes to everything, and then stress about the time it takes to do it”. If you find yourself just a little behind schedule, for the fourth time this week, and you’re over pressing your way. I feel your pain girl and you’re not alone.


I wish I could give you some profound advice for how to do better, and believe me, as soon as I figure it out, I’ll let y’all know. But for now, I’ll just say, keep doing what I do and remind yourself one day it’ll all be worth it.


Keep Pressing Ladies!





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Brittani “Britt” Treadway lives in the Greater Washington, DC Area where she works full-time, in addition to owning two side businesses. When she’s not over-indulging in libations, she enjoys empowering women through her weekly podcast, Grapes For Dinner, writing yelp reviews for new restaurants, and getting mani-pedis in her neighborhood.