Netflix and Something

Netflix is really a beautiful invention. Truly. Honestly. It’s great. As a self-proclaimed “Netflix Connoisseur,” I’ve listed three categories below that tell you what to watch and how to watch it.


“I’ve Had a Long Day and Just Want to Laugh”

Bob’s Burgers 


I don’t remember who introduced me to this gem, but I’ll forever be thankful. I’m Tina Belcher in real life with aspirations to be Louise. This isn’t a joke or me being annoyingly dramatic. When I have a long day and I can’t think I lay on the floor until I come up with a plan. Regardless of my own personal coping mechanisms, this show is hilarious. It’s smart, witty, and completely ruthless. Don’t miss out. Seasons 1-5 are available to stream now.


What to drink: Water or hot decaffeinated green tea

Sidenote: You could also have a beer. But alcohol is a depressant. If you have a lot you will feel worse, not better. Which is why I selected green tea or water to calm you down after you’ve had a long day. Please drink responsibly.


“Stan Over This”

Grey’s Anatomy 


I don’t know what you’re doing with your life if you don’t watch Grey’s. In my personal opinion, you aren’t living life right and you may or may not be in a sound state of mind. The first 3 seasons are life. And then Jackson Avery, beautifully played by the amazing Jesse Williams, walks into your life and suddenly your edges are full, your debt is gone, and life is perfect. That is until you find yourself crying into your wine glass because you feel all the feels. The show takes you on a wild ride and you will cry and you will have an ugly cry face. It’s going to happen. Stay ready.


The thing that makes this show so perfect is Shonda Rhimes. Besides the fact that she stans for Beyoncé, I only said this to remind you that Beyoncé continues to inspire all great things in this world, she is an amazing writer. The way that she creates characters and develops their storylines is not only awe-inspiring, it encourages me to get my life.


The show stars Meredith Grey, Ellen Pompeo, as we enter her world at the beginning of her surgical internship and we watch her grow as she finds herself in sticky love and dating drama, complex friendships, and daddy issues. We watch as she dances it out with her best friend and somehow survive tragedies and we laugh with her and cry into our wine glass as she pieces everything together. If you don’t have this show in your life you’re wrong. Seasons 1-12 are available to stream now.


What to drink: Red Wine

In ShondaLand you drink red wine and nothing else. Don’t debate me on this.

Sidenote: Shonda Rhimes also wrote Year of Yes: How to Dance it Out, Stand in the Sun, and Be Your Own Person. You need to read it and I’ll be doing a #BooksandBronzer on it after I re-read it!



“Girls Night”


Being Mary Jane


You probably shouldn’t watch this show if having fun and discussing topics relevant to black women isn’t your thing. This show is the perfect Girls Night show because you can spend a few hours watching a character’s drama and somehow find a way to vent about your issues with your girls.


Mary Jane Paul, Gabrielle Union, is a baddie. Professionally: she’s at the top of her game. Yeah, she has a few hickups here and there but she conquers. Personally: lol girl. This is what makes her so relatable. Giving back to your family, men issues, and being one of the few black faces in a predominantly white environment is something ALL of my girlfriends and I can relate to. Plus, wine and hot guys. The first couple of seasons her love interest is Omari Hardwick, who currently stars in Star’s Power. Then Stephen Bishop takes over. This isn’t me being thirsty, but y’all… Just watch the show with your girlfriends and thank me later. Seasons 1-3 are available to stream now.

What to drink: Any wine your heart desires. If you’re having a girls night out you drink tequila. If you’re having a girls night in you drink wine. Once again, don’t debate me on this.



Guess what? This post was in collaboration with my sister girlfriend, Rachel at &SomeStyle! Go check out her picks here!


Do you have a favorite Netflix show and special drink to pair it with? Let me know in the comments below!