Promotional photo of Cardi B and Yolanda Adams

The Midnight Hour: From Yolanda Adams to Cardi B: My Morning Playlist of Encouragement

I don’t do anything without music. So, it’s obvious that the next step in this series is the music that helps me remain calm, focused, and in control. I deeply believe in doing a morning routine that promotes a great day. This is why I start my mornings off with my Mornting playlist.

I composed it so that when I wake up and the first thing I hear is praise for God. Is there a better way to start your morning than with Yolanda Adams screaming how you have the victory? How can you not have the victory after all of that? There is no more sleep after this song, sis. Each of the gospel songs states how God carried them through. If they can get through their problems, then I can get through mine. That’s how that works.

Then, I gently transition into the gospel of Chance the Rapper and Kanye West…because, obviously. If you go from Encourage Yourself to Ultralight Beam there is nothing you won’t be able to do.

“Greater is He that’s in me” to “This is a God dream.” It’s important to tell your mind you got this. Even if you feel like you don’t.

After I hear the word, I listen to Hamilton. If you don’t listen to the life of Alexander Hamilton played by a Lin-Manuel Miranda, you’re doing your mornings wrong. The songs I chose, My Shot, Guns and Ships, History Has Its Eyes On You, and Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down) all mimic the “you can do it dude” mood that my playlist has going on.

Now, we’re deep into the secular section of my playlist. Beyoncé. Despite her being the most talented performer of our generation, she is a mecca of bops that remind me that I’m the baddest to ever do it. By this time in my morning, I’m either putting my makeup on or doing a morning facemask. Both of these tasks require confidence. What better to listen to than the Queen reminding you that she got a big ego and to get in formation? Then we end it with a charity song for Puerto Rico, Mi Gente. You’re doing a public service by streaming this song. Feel good, sis.

The final portion of the playlist is when I’m putting my clothes on and heading out the door. Please, play Handsome and Wealthy and not feel handsome and wealthy. I dare you to. Then I end the playlist with Uncle Kendrick telling me that I have loyalty and royalty in my DNA and TiTi Cardi telling me that hard work pays off and as I go about my day not to let the haters get me down.

This playlist is the perfect way for me to get my life, even on days where I don’t feel encouraged or motivated to handle the reality of my life.

Listen on iTunes or Spotify! (Please note that Spotify doesn’t have the Lemonade tracks.)


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