25 Lessons I've learned in order to honor my 25th birthday

25 for 25

For my 25th birthday, I’m reflecting on 25 lessons I’ve learned over the years.
Lessons I’ve learned about me
  1. I will never be too old for Harry Potter or my favorite stuffed animal, CiCi. Anybody who tries to take that from me shouldn’t be in my life.
  2. I am ten times stronger than I once believed I was. I am a conqueror.
  3. I often pray for increased strength or an enlarged territory and will be completely shocked when I have to work towards my requests. I’m silly.
  4. I’m horrible at discovering new music because I only listen to Hamilton and BeyoncĂ© all day.
  5. There’s a small part of me that believes throwing on a sheet mask and drinking wine after something goes wrong will fix the completely unrelated problem.
Lessons I’ve learned about my mental health
  1. Making a lot of money at a job that drains me every day will never be worth it.
  2. Getting on anti-depressants saved my life. They are a part of my story that I will forever be proud of.
  3. Getting off of anti-depressants doesn’t mean I’m “cured and free of emotional work.” The day I stopped taking them was a proud moment. However, I work towards maintaining this new state every day.
  4. The only way to get to the other side of emotional trauma is to work hard at it. It doesn’t go away after a bubble bath and a nice movie on Netflix. (These things do help though.)
  5. Saying no to people and tasks that drain me has taken me to new levels of peace.
Lessons I’ve learned about chasing your dreams
  1. There will never be a “right” time to do anything.
  2. Your dream won’t make sense to everyone. It’s okay. God didn’t put them here to do it.
  3. While chasing your dream, everything won’t go as planned. You’ll fail often.
  4. During the beginning phases, you’ll think you’ll think you know everything and that you have everything under control. However, you know nothing. Learn from someone.
  5. The time I spend relaxing is just as important as the time I spend working toward my goals.
Lessons I’ve learned about makeup and skincare
  1. Great makeup starts with great skin. I can either photoshop everything or invest in skincare.
  2. Investing in skincare and playing in heavy makeup does not mean that I don’t love myself. I can love who you are and make improvements.
  3. Tweezing my brows while stressed will never be a good idea.
  4. Brows before foundation. Always.
  5. If you don’t look like a glowy goddess at the end of your skincare routine did you do anything at all?
Lessons I’ve learned about romantic and platonic relationships
  1. If I’m not being treated the way I want by someone I have to be an “adult” and mention it to that person. If that person doesn’t try to correct their behavior, it’s time for me to leave them. If they do try, it is my job to be patient.
  2. My healthy friendships outside of my romantic relationship are just as important as my healthy romantic relationship.
  3. Saying please and thank you get me further in my request then when I don’t use them.
  4. If I want to be forgiven when I make a mistake, I have to forgive others when they make them.
  5. There are people that were there for me in critical moments in my life that are no longer here. Everyone has a season. I have to love them for their season and, at the appropriate time, let them go.