kay jewelers and neil lane wedding rings

Kay Jewelers & Neil Lane #LoveIsUnstoppable Contest Win

I entered the Kay Jewelers’ and Neil Lane “#Love is Unstoppable” contest at the very last minute. The lucky winner would receive a Jet Blue Vacation voucher, and a pair of Kay Jewelers and Neil Lane rings for their wedding picked out for them by Neil Lane himself. I was casually scrolling my Instagram feed when I saw the contest and 5 minutes later I entered. I figured, why not? Actually, I figured I had no way of winning because “little ole’ me” never wins contests like this. After I entered, I immediately put it out of my mind.  

Unfortunately, the day we found out that we won the contest was one of the worst days of the year. My dad called earlier that day to ask about the travel advisory The State of New Jersey announced that morning. Shortly after our call, I realized that the travel advisory stated that if you are coming from a state that has significant COVID cases, you have to self-quarantine for 14 days before you can go about your business. Furthermore, if you’re caught in non-compliance with the advisory you’d face legal and monetary consequences. My parents could only come down for a short period of time because of work and COVID. Which meant that them coming was an even bigger issue.

I cried all day. I cried the sobbing, energy-consuming, absolutely disgusting brand of tears. Eventually, I took a walk to distract me from the devastation I felt. I walked for 3 hours before I came home. Yet, I immediately started crying again when I got home. All I could physically do was cry.

Then, during one of my crying breaks, I checked my Instagram and saw a DM from the Kay Jewelers’ page. We won! I sat in disbelief that something went right. Then, I cried because of how conflicted I was. I didn’t know if I should be celebrating this major win or mourning the loss of not having my immediate family at my wedding. I ended up crying for the rest of the day. In fact, it took a while for me to “lean not on my own understanding.” But, when I eventually soothed myself after tons of coping exercises, I recognized how magnificent this blessing was.

The entire experience moved very quickly once we accepted our prize. First, we completed an initial consultation with the Kay Jeweler’s team to understand the type of wedding bands Josh and I liked. Shortly afterward, the Kay Jewelers’ and Neil Lane rings team realized that our wedding date was too soon to get us our dream wedding bands to us in time. Instead of simply pushing us to the side, they increased our prize to include additional rings from Kay’s Now and Forever collection in order to have rings for our ceremony!

kay jewelers and neil lane rings

Right before our big day, we got on a Zoom call with Neil Lane to choose our wedding bands. I was a giddly mess, y’all. Talking with Neil Lane was like talking to an old friend who you haven’t caught up with in a while. We talked about our shared love of Paris, how estate shopping is for the elite, and how cool Josh is. He then walked us through some of his history as a designer and behind the scenes details of the rings we were considering. (This stacked ring was inspired by The Queen of England’s crown!)

Eventually, we settled on our bands and I casually mentioned that I choose a specific ring just to best match Josh’s dream band. My jewelry style is eclectic so mixing and matching metals was something that I was looking forward to. Then, the team mentioned that they would be willing to customize my Neil Lane ring to perfectly match, his!

Both of our rings have arrived and we are truly grateful. Each ring matches our style and personalities. My rings scream “Overdramatic Storytime” and Josh’s rings state that he is the cool kid everyone loves that doesn’t care to be the center of attention. The significance of our wedding bands was emphasized to us during our consultation with Neil Lane and our wedding ceremony. Our bands strengthen our commitment to each other. I feel extremely lucky that we were able to choose bands that match our styles and look amazing together.

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