Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew was projected to be one of the most dangerous hurricanes in history. BBC has said that in Haiti, “At least 900 people are believed to have died. Tens of thousands of homes have been destroyed and some 350,000 people need aid.” In the United States, the death toll has risen to 12 and like in Haiti, has caused flooding and massive destruction.
Since I don’t live too close to the Jacksonville beaches, I decided to stay in my apartment and wait out Hurricane Matthew with supplies. I detailed my experience below.
All Day: I heard from every family member and friend that I have ever had in life. Most of this was quick “you good?” texts. Others yelled at me for not evacuating. A few made it clear how much they were praying for my safety and these texts/calls really made me smile.
8 PM: I learned that I couldn’t watch the new episode of Grey’s because of the 24/7 coverage of the storm.
10 PM: I turned on the TV hoping that I could catch How to Get Away with Murder. Nope. I was wrong.
10:15ish PM: I got in the bed because the wind was picking up and I decided to sleep through everything as much as possible.
9:52 AM: I woke up to 6 text messages. This may be normal for some people, but I don’t have any juice. I had two messages from my mom, one from my dad, one from my uncle, one from my best friend and one from my pledge brother. All of them wondering if I was still safe and updates about the storm.
10:40 AM: I made breakfast consisting of eggs and spinach because I’m trying to live my very best life.
12:35 PM: The power blinked and came back on for the first time. The winds sounded loud and it took about 5 minutes for the wifi to reset. My nerves were really bad. I wish I would have evacuated and I began to wonder why did I choose now to be “an adult?” A real adult would have evacuated. However, The Perfect Holiday was on and I had plenty of wine to survive the storm.
12:44 PM: The cable went out.
12:50 PM: Turned on the Insecure Premier on HBO Go. It’s perfect y’all.
1:50 PM: TV began consistently flickering off and on so I just turned it off.
3:15 PM: The power went out.
4:50 PM: I randomly decided to rearrange my bedroom furniture so that I could get better light when I do my makeup.
6:06 PM: I accidentally fell asleep to Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix and I woke up to my computer being on 27%.
8:57 PM: My computer died right as I finished watching the Sorry portion of Beyoncé’s Lemonade movie.
9:37 PM: I’m having drunk karaoke moment by myself in the dark.
11:17 AM: The power came back just as I was finished getting ready to go to my friend’s house because she had power.
While my Hurricane Matthew experience was one of the more fortunate situations, there are many who didn’t have the same outcome as I did. If you’d like to help, please consider donating to an organization listed below.
If you know of any helpful organizations that can help with aid to Haiti or other areas deeply affected by Hurricane Matthew please leave them in the comment section below!