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Black-Owned Honeymoon Packing Essentials

Our honeymoon caught me by surprise. I placed so much of my energy into getting ready for our COVID wedding, that I completely forgot to put thought into what I needed to pack for our honeymoon. I spent the day before we left washing clothes, packing, frustrated, and wondering why I waited until the last minute. Fortunately, since I stress shopped all throughout wedding planning, I already had everything I needed at home! Here are my top three honeymoon packing essentials!

“Black With Plants” Tote Bag 

Plant Economy is a Detroit based, black-owned business, that makes “plant products for plant people.” Their “Black With Plants” Canvas tote is the perfect size for whatever type of honeymoon you are planning!

Black With Plants Tote

Totes are usually big enough to carry everything in your home OR they’re large enough for a few things but not big enough to be a staple. There is no in-between. Finding a bag that is big enough for my camera, makeup bag, and wallet BUT is small enough to force me to be reasonable is such a win. (Which is exactly what I needed on our honeymoon.)

After buying way too many plants and constantly searching how to take care of them, I noticed how little of the new recent plant boom highlighted people who look like me! Which was crazy because everyone I know got a plant as the COVID pandemic progressed. I like that this tote is part of my rebellion in fighting for more inclusivity for black women in all spaces. The bonus is that each purchase from Plant Economy comes with a product tag that doubles as seeds! 

Black Girl Sunscreen 

Whatever your skin type or complexion is, you need sunscreen. Think of sunscreen as the bouncer at the club. It protects your skin from harsh sun rays, free radicals (the mean girls of life), and pollution that will damage your skin. It also keeps the party inside, AKA your hydrating and brightening products, LIT, and working as it should. Which is why EVERYONE needs a sunscreen! It essential to protecting your skin, and unless you end your morning routine with one your routine will not be effective.  

I know the myth is that skin tones of deep complexions don’t need sunscreen and THAT IS A LIE. Everyone needs sunscreen. However, until very recently, the beauty industry did not care what their sunscreen products looked like on a variety of skin complexions. Which made it extremely hard for black people to care about something that they need!

I remember choosing between wearing sunscreen with a white cast on my face or not wearing sunscreen. To be honest, I just didn’t wear sunscreen! *I get it.* I like the Black Girl Sunscreen because it’s affordable, it doesn’t leave a cast, has an SPF of 30, and I find that the infusion of jojoba and avocado keeps my skin moisturized throughout the day.

TPH By Taraji Haircare

I loathe doing my hair. Unfortunately, this means that my hair is often dry, tangled, and a pain to deal with. 

Despite me being a beauty lover, I find the natural hair community overwhelming. There’s so much to choose from and I have no idea what type of hair I have! So I typically pick up whatever when I need a specific product and don’t give it a second thought.

I bought the “Make It Rain” conditioner and the “Hustle & Co” co-wash mainly because I needed something that was affordable and wouldn’t take up too much space in my luggage. It was love at the first lather. This is the first haircare product I’ve tried that made hydration claims and actually delivered on them. I immediately noticed a difference in how hydrated my coils were and how easy it was to detangle after my first wash.

What products are on your honeymoon packing essentials list? Let me know in the comments below!