My Esthetician School Journey

Minding My Business and Trusting God – My Journey to *Finally* Starting Esthetician School

Me on my first day of esthetician school

When I first started blogging is when I truly started learning about skincare. After I fully immersed myself in glam makeup, I learned about how a good esthetician can merge the two worlds. (Mainly because I wanted my makeup to look betterSorry not sorry.)

I became fascinated with the career. The idea of helping people achieve their makeup and skincare goals seemed like the best job in the world. I immediately added it to my to-do list – and left it there for 3 years.

I told my family and friends that this is something that I wanted to do and for the past 3 years there was always something that stopped me. The excuses ran a mile long. I didn’t have the money or I didn’t have a job that would allow me to go to school or one of the billion other reasons I told myself that this wasn’t the right time to chase my dreams. So going to school remained on my to-do list. 

Last month, out of nowhere, God put it on my heart to just look into what starting school meant. I asked God “what am I even going to do after school with this? What would be next?” He responded with “that’s none of your business. Do you trust me or not?”

Me on my first day of esthetician school

I stepped out on faith and decided that I was going to finish my program before our wedding. I had no idea how the timing was going to work out with the wedding planning, how I would manage the work with the intense new job that I recently started, or even how I was going to pay for it. However, God told me I was going back now and I was going to remain obedient.

I soon realized that the only person stopping myself from having everything I want is me. I’m learning to become okay with not knowing all the answers and to operate in faith and not fear.

My esthetician school supplies.

I started school two weeks ago and I feel more aligned than ever. As promised, everything is working out for my good.