5 Things That Have Changed Since My Engagement

Five Things That Have Changed Since My Engagement

A little over three months ago, Josh and I officially announced to the world that we were going to do this thing called life together. It was such an exhilarating time in our relationship. We spent the next month looking at each other with crazy love eyes, ignoring responsibilities, and eating way too much cake. Since then, in preparation for our marriage, a lot of things have changed. I’ve been overcome with the idea that it’s not just me anymore. In order to properly transition into this new chapter, I needed to change.

Lifestyle Choices

After a hard look at my lifestyle choices, I’ve made a bunch of changes to live a healthier life. I’m in the middle of Dryuary and this year I’ve accompanied it with strict diet and exercise changes as well. Yes, I want to look my best on my wedding day. However, this change was mainly to ensure that I’m going into my marriage with a healthy body and a solid mind. At home, we’ve practically cut out all processed foods from our diets, I aim to exercise three times a week, and I chug water like it’s my full-time job. It’s a lot to get used to. I miss my beloved French fries and I haven’t had popcorn in a month. But, I know these changes will only help me have more energy, help me fell the best on my wedding day, and help me be the best partner.

How I Treat Everyone Around Me 

I’ve noticed that since I started dating Josh, I’ve been a lot more nurturing towards the people around me. However, since the engagement, I’ve intentionally become dedicated to responding in a softer way to my friends. This year, I’m focusing on pouring into those who pour into me. My life is changing and I need my friends now more than ever. I need to be dedicated to growing those relationships just as often as I work on the one with my future husband.

Spending Habits 

Weddings are expensive, like ridiculously expensive. Our wedding is in 2020 and I’ve been saving since before we even got engaged. * deep sigh * Since I’ve started closely watching my budget, I noticed that I spend way too much money on things that I don’t need. Uhmm hello, do I really need another Beauty Blender? I downloaded Mint and got a grip on all the ways that my finances can improve. While our finances aren’t combined yet, soon they will be and I will be held accountable to how I’m helping our household progress.

Intentional Time Together

One of the best engagement gifts we got was the Strengths Based Marriage: Build A Stronger Marriage by Understanding Each Other’s Gifts book. I learned that the best time to work on a marriage is before you get into one. Every Sunday night we stop whatever we’re doing and read this book together. This simple act has been life-changing in our relationship. We’re on different work schedules so every week our “together time” changes. By carving out time to spend with that can be consistent despite work schedules we’ve grown closer as a couple. We’ve changed how we communicate with each other, fight a lot less, and our love tanks are consistently at a much higher level than before the engagement.

My Hunger for the Future 

I almost quit ODStorytime last year. There was plenty going on in my life to give me justifiable reasons to quit. After work most days I didn’t have the energy to give to myself- let alone my blog, hopes, and dreams. I’ve always prayed over this platform and God would always respond with a “go for it.” But, a lot got in the way. However, it is a disservice to my marriage if I don’t chase my dreams. I can’t give to a marriage if I’m not giving to myself. I’ve changed how I look at my achievable yearly plans and I’m attacking them with full force.

Has a major life event forced you to change some things about yourself? Let me know in the comment below!