Adulting in Baby Steps

  Adulting - IG Post
     I really want a dog.
     However, I’m not adult enough for that. I’m not trying to be funny either. I’m not responsible enough for a dog. As much as I pretend to have my life together a lot of it is just going through the motions. Pay this bill on the 1st, this one on the 15th, get to the office by 8:30 am, drink coffee as you’re walking out the door so you’re awake by the time you open your email, call mom and dad, text friends so they know you’re alive, flirt with potential Bae on Twitter, do the dishes every night, laundry once a week…it’s all a facade. I have nothing together.
     Moving to a new place can be lonely at times and I’m not responsible enough for a dog.
     That’s why I got a fish.
     Karl the Fish lives in a castle in the fish bowl with a world globe printed on it.
     I know nothing about being responsible for a fish. I really thought that you only had to give it food once a week!
     But the patient man at PetSmart was kind enough to help me out. He gave me food, water conditioner so that Karl could breathe, a feeding schedule, and all the other keys that I needed to know.
     So now, Karl the Fish and I watch Grey’s Anatomy together on Netflix. (Let’s not worry about how many times I’ve started this series over again. Bless up.)
     But at least while I’m dancing around my apartment to Grown Woman as I get ready to conquer the world, I have an audience.
     Baby steps people.