Dreaming of Clear Skin

My skin went to hell post grad. It was at a time where I was learning so much about makeup and trying everything out and not taking care of myself properly. Fortunately,  my skin is finally getting to a place where I’m comfortable with and below are my tips, suggestions, and products that have helped me along the way.



  1. Go to your dermatologist. It took me forever to finally drag my behind in the office. It could have all been so simple if I didn’t try to find the DIY recipe for why my skin was acting out. My dermatologist put me on some medicine that has cleared up most of the outbreaks that I had. I also haven’t even noticed new pimples popping up just because I had a bad day. I’m not 1000% clear yet but I’ve been told that I’m making great progress for the amount of time I’ve been on my meds.
  2. Drink your water and mind your business. Besides this being an essential life tip, you have to drink water foryour body to function properly. It takes, even more, water to get clear skin. Every celebrity mentions they aim to drink a gallon a day for clear skin. That’s hard af. So I aim to at least drink the recommended 8 glasses a day that my body needs. I can tell by my energy levels and how my skin looks the next morning if I didn’t drink enough water the day before.
  3. Get a cleansing brush. I used to use the Sephora brush before I invested in my Clarasonic. It has made a huge difference in my skin. I would never get the “clean face” feeling that I love before when I was just using my hands. It’s a major key.
  4. Take your makeup off! I’m not going to lie like this wasn’t me before I got serious with my skincare routine. I would come in after whatever, feel too tired to take my makeup off and then just pass out with it on. I use Neutrogena wipes most days and Clinique’s Take the Day Off Balm on days that I wear heavy makeup. If you don’t become diligent about taking off your makeup it’ll just clog your pores and cause more damage in the long run.
My Regimen



Morning Routine

Cleanser: I use this face wash I bought at my dermatologist’s office. I have dry skin so it’s a gentle exfoliating cleanser that helps to rid my top layer of dry skin so that my moisturizer can do its job.

Toner: I recently started using Shea Moisture’s Problem Skin Toner and I like how easy it is to use. I spray it a few times over my face and I’m done.

Moisturizer: My dry skin in combination with the dry environment I live in means I need extra moisture daily. I use the Fig & Yarrow Rosehip and Argan facial Serum in combination with Eucerin’s Anti-Wrinkle Face Creme for my skin. Besides combating my dry skin these products also help keep wrinkles and all thing associated with aging at bay.

Sunscreen: I don’t use anything too fancy. Neutrogena’s Clear Face liquid-lotion SPF 30 to get the job done.


Evening Routine

Cleanser: I recently switched to CSI’s Rose Hip Facial Cleanser for the start of my adventure with all natural products.

Exfoliate: Peter Thomas-Roth’s Un-Wrinkle Peel Pads are a life savor. I’m too tired at the end of the night to consistently use a physical exfoliator. I rub one on my skin, wait a minute to catch up on Twitter or Instagram and then neutralize the peel with cool water.

Toner: Shea Moisture’s Problem Skin Toner still holds it down

Eye Cream: I need to do better with using it consistently, but I have a sample of Clarin’s Super Restorative Total Eye Concentrate that makes my under eyes look heavenly when I wake up the next morning.

Moisturizer: I use the same combination at night as I do in the morning.


Do you have a favorite skin care product? Let me know what works for you in the comment section below!