Neutrogena Sheet Masks

Sheet Mask Therapy

Sheet Masks are therapeutic.

In fact, I find them so therapeutic that I’ve forced everyone in my life to start incorporating them into their weekly routines. They’re quick, simple, and do wonders for your skin and mind. Seriously, pour a glass of wine, sit on your couch with a face mask, and ease your problems away. Frequent sheet masks were one of the things that helped me through my most recent life curveball.
I get most of mine in bulk at TJMaxx and Marshalls. They always have great prices and a wide variety of a bunch of American, Korean, and Japanese skincare brands. Through them, I haven’t met a sheet mask from The Creme Shop or Tony Moly that I haven’t loved. However, I took a brief break from my favorites to try the new Neutrogena face masks.
I’m not new to Neutrogena products or the Johnson and Johnson empire. It’s DIFFICULT to walk down the drugstore skincare aisle and not see anything from the company worth pausing over. Especially when you’re ballin’ on a budget and already know that the Neutrogena makeup removers are top two and not number two.
After all of the love Korean beauty companies have been earning in the beauty industry recently, it only makes sense that they would put out a few options for their consumers. Neutrogena released three different sheet mask formulas. The Hydro Boost mask helps alleviate dry skin issues, the Deep Clean mask helps clean pores, and the Radiance Boost sheet mask helps safely brighten your skin. Each mask is $2.99 and can be purchased literally everywhere (Ulta, Target, CVS, the Neutrogena site, Walmart, and the moon.)
All three masks have hyaluronic acid, vitamin B3, seaweed extract, and mineral clay. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is one of the latest “it girls” on the skincare scene. It’s an incredibly powerful hydrator that can hold 1,000 times its own weight in water. HA is naturally present in the skin so it’s completely safe to use in your skincare routine. Vitamin B3 helps protect, brighten, and boost your skin’s immunity. Which is why it’s perfect to help achieve the dewy glow people aim to achieve after their sheet mask sessions. Seaweed extract helps refresh and sooth the skin from irritation. And finally, mineral clay helps remove impurities in the pores. The fact that each of the sheet masks has all of these ingredients means to me that you can’t go wrong with choosing between them if the choice for your skin isn’t already obvious.
Because of my dry skin and dark marks from acne scars, I only got the Radiance Boost and Hydro Boost masks. Currently, my favorite is the Radiance Boost mask. The main difference I noticed between the two was that after the brightening mask I felt like Beyoncé at #BeyChella. After the moisturizing mask, I felt like Alyssa with slightly more moisturized skin. Both of them got the job done though.
I liked how the mask was broken down into two sections, one for each half of your face. It makes multi-tasking extremely easy and it’s easier for me to fit my lips and big forehead under the sheet. I’ll definitely be repurchasing.
Have you tried either of these masks?
Let me know in the comments below what you thought!