This past weekend was the NY #GenBeauty and look…I had a time.


I’ve heard about the event for a while now. But I had always been too nervous to go. Excuses like: What if my makeup wasn’t good enough? I don’t even have a YouTube yet… Who is going to go with you? constantly went through my mind.


However, going this year was heavy on my heart for a long time. Then I saw a coupon code on Instagram… In my mind it was fate. In reality, it was Adworks doing its job. Whatever the reason, I took it as a sign and purchased a ticket.


For about a week after I got my ticket, I obsessed on what I would wear and almost talked myself into selling my ticket. (I.E. the fears above got louder.) But after discussing it with my inner circle and praying very hard it was obvious that I had to put everything aside and take a step forward.


#GenBeauty can be a big networking opportunity for a lot of people… I just wanted to survive the conference. lol My only goal for the weekend was to be open to whatever may happen and be nice (read not so scared) enough to talk to other people that I may run into.


The morning of I got up, listened to my “Put Your Big Girl Panties On” playlist and took my time getting ready. The process of playing in my makeup gives me inner peace. But mainly I took my time because I always feel like a million bucks afterwards.


By the time I got to the conference I was ready to kick ass. Then I saw the lines and my fears kicked right back in… At first, I stood around with my arms crossed and frantically looking for guidance on what to do like a deer in headlights. Despite the fact that I looked bomb, I looked and felt like I had no business mingling with beauty gurus and fanatics. But I did a few deep breaths and God instructed the DJ to play some Missy Elliott and everything was right in the world.


I relaxed and enjoyed myself.


All of the people I encountered were sweet and generous with the information they got at the booths I hadn’t got to. At one point in time I found myself in a diverse circle exchanging beauty tips and #GenBeauty hacks. In the 30 minutes we stood in line together we managed to talk the best Korean Skincare sheet masks and which booths at the conference weren’t worth the 30+ minute wait.


There are only 2 things that I would change about my experience next year.



  1. I’m buying the early access pass. When I got to the convention (which was partly my own fault for waking up late) it was a whole circus. Lines that just opened 20 minutes ago were already closed until 1 and somehow everyone but me had already went through the MAC and Lancome lines.
  2. I’m going to bring food. LOOOOKKKKK y’all, I know standing around in a line for makeup all day sounds easy and calorie burning free…but I was starving. And I refused to buy over priced food which would require another long line to wait in. Next year I’m bringing a snack bag. #judgeme


Overall, I’m happy I didn’t let my worries and fears get the best of me and am already plotting my domination for next year’s event.