The Struggles of A Wannabe Makeup Artist

     You know what’s really terrifying?
     A winged eyeliner look.
     It’s glorious. It’s 3 pm in a budget meeting and your afternoon coffee hasn’t kicked in yet realness. It’s first date sexy. It’s girls brunch and shopping day chic. It’s everything that I aspire to be.
     It’s so hard to do.
     I vividly remember sitting in my apartment with my senior year roommate at 3 am looking at eyeliner tutorials because the elusive look was keeping me up at night. I was a brand new makeup addict who knew nothing. Yet, somehow I always tricked my friends into letting me play with makeup on their face. (Spoiler alert: I’m still in the business of tricking my friends into letting me play with makeup on their face.)
     As my makeup skills grew, I would attempt to do the eyeliner look time and time again and fail. It was horrible. The line would be crooked or uneven on one side or just trash all around. I sucked.
     But every time I did a look and thought “this needs a liner,” I would try. Even if I wiped everything off 15 minutes later, I would always try.
     This isn’t an inspirational post about how I practiced really hard and got better at the skill. I still suck at doing winged eyeliner looks.
     But at least I’m trying.
     If you have any suggestions on where I can find a good tutorial or if you have any tips on creating the perfect wing, comment them below!