2018 Makeup Favorites

2018 Makeup Favorites

2018 was a big year for the beauty business. From the Fenty effect to blogger collab galore, there was a shift in the beauty atmosphere. Generally, the changes are being made to be more inclusive in marketing efforts and product availability. With all the recent “look we have shades too” efforts, it’s hard to determine if all the hooplah is just for sales. Yes, I’m excited that you’re creating more shades but are you also creating a more diverse marketing department? Were these recent changes made just to sell a product? Or do the brands actually understand that diversifying the accounting department is just as important as expanding the shade range? This is why for my 2018 favorites I selected the MakeupShayla and Colourpop Collab and the Juvia’s Place brand. 

While I can not confirm what the marketing or accounting department of either company looks like, I do feel like they didn’t simply release these products only because they’re trying to reach a recently trendy demographic. Most importantly, they are my 2018 favorites because both the MakeupShayla x Colourpop Collab and literally anything I have from Juvia’s Place are amazing products. 

My favorite brand of 2018: Juvia’s Place 

I’ve known about Juvia’s Place for a while now. I bought the Masquerade palette from them in 2016. I’ve since grown my collection to include their loose pigment highlight, the Afrique palette, the Magic mini palette, the Saharan blush palette, and a few lipsticks. Everything that I have from them inspires me to dig deeper into expressing myself through makeup. Their products also remind me how beautiful black women, and other women of color, are. On the cover of every palette is a set of beautiful women who look like me. It is important to see images of yourself in items that you place of value. As a beauty enthusiast, it’s important to me to consistently support brands who earnestly support me. 

My favorite YouTuber collab of 2018: MakeupShaya x Colorpop Collection 

I’ve watched Shayla for years and have supported Colorpop for just as long. I’ve already talked about what I loved from the collection so I won’t rehash that. (Catch up here!)  However, I want to reiterate how important it is to see people who look like you accomplishing things that you dream of. Recently, Shayla has bought a house, collaborated with Maybelline, and is consistently receiving checks from top beauty brands all over the world. While I don’t personally always agree with everything she puts her name behind, the fact is she’s a black woman killing it in my industry. Cheers to Shayla and Colorpop for creating a collection that I truly love!

This year I choose my 2018 favorites based off of product quality and how they made me feel. The winners I picked in both categories have produced a high-quality item in a way that inspired me to continue down my beauty journey. In 2019 I’m hoping for a more truly inclusive beauty industry that consistently puts out quality products. I can’t wait to see what next year brings!