Pictures of Fenty Beauty products and BHCosmetic products

2017 Makeup Faves

2017 was a lot of things in the beauty community. Face masks rose to a new level. Some brands stayed true to themselves and released the same 15 pale shades with one “deep” option. And Pat McGrath came with a vengeance to scalp everyone. (We loved it though.)

But, there are two things about 2017 that I will love forever: Fenty Beauty and the @itsmyrayeraye and BHCosmetics collab.

Fenty Beauty

Rihanna did not come to play with the girls. When I first saw that there would be 40 foundation shades and the stunning Trophy Wife Killawatt highlighter I was obviously all in. I was all in from the inception, obviously, it’s Rihanna. However, when I realized that she made sure there was a shade for everyone she got more of my money than she probably should have. For the longest time, the beauty industry has perpetuated an idea that if it’s dark it’s ugly/unnecessary to make a shade for/ won’t sell/. That’s not the case. My black is beautiful and so is her deep dark shade. (FYI- We can’t buy shades that don’t exist. *side eye.*) While I have been lucky enough that I can usually find my shade amongst the big brands, it hasn’t been lost on me that so many of my sisters and brothers don’t have that luxury. Fenty Beauty products are bomb. But the fact that Fenty Beauty has taken their time to release a variety of shades THE FIRST TIME is why I’m so loud and proud of these products. It’s all about inclusion in 2018, hun. And since the first launch, the Rihanna reign has not let up.

My Favorite Fenty Products

  1. Stunna Lip Paint
  2. Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette
  3. Match Stix in Espresso

BHCosmetics and @itsmyrayeraye Collab

This palette is beautiful. I love the packaging. (I love everything pink but that’s not really the point here.) I was mainly excited about this collab for two reasons. Raye is a black woman killing it on YouTube. In an industry that makes it harder for bold black women to get ahead, she does it with grace and style. She’s unquestionably one of my beauty inspirations. I mean…have you looked at her? She’s gorgeous. The second point is that it’s with BHCosmetics. I luhhhhh the affordability of their products. I begged my secret Santa for this product. It’s 100% true to Raye’s brand: affordable slay. Which is right up my alley.

P.S. You need the highlight shades Rayediant and Moonlight in your life. Don’t play yourself.

Did you cop anything from Fenty Beauty or the @itsmyrayeraye collab? What were your favorite beauty launches from 2017? Are you high right now? Do you ever get nervous? Let me know in the comments below!