• 25 Lessons I've learned in order to honor my 25th birthday

    25 for 25

    Share this...FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestemailFor my 25th birthday, I’m reflecting on 25 lessons I’ve learned over the years. Lessons I’ve learned about me I will never be too old for Harry Potter or my favorite stuffed animal, CiCi. Anybody who tries to take that from me shouldn’t be in my life. I am ten times stronger than I once believed I was. I am a conqueror. I often pray for increased strength or an enlarged territory and will be completely shocked when I have to work towards my requests. I’m silly. I’m horrible at discovering new music because I only listen to Hamilton and Beyoncé all day. There’s a small part of me…

  • Growing through your failures to propel you forward.

    The Midnight Hour: Grow Through It

    Share this...FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestemail I’m in a different place than when I started my “Midnight Hour” series. This, in itself, is a pure blessing. When I started this series I had just lost a job (a first for me), I was spending my favorite holiday apart from my family (a first for me), and everything seemed to be going to hell. My face was broke out, my hair fell out, I questioned everything and I became deeply discouraged. However, God found a way to bring me through. I could go on and on about how he did that, the people he used to do it, and the lessons that were revealed to me.…

  • Promotional photo of Cardi B and Yolanda Adams

    The Midnight Hour: From Yolanda Adams to Cardi B: My Morning Playlist of Encouragement

    Share this...FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestemailI don’t do anything without music. So, it’s obvious that the next step in this series is the music that helps me remain calm, focused, and in control. I deeply believe in doing a morning routine that promotes a great day. This is why I start my mornings off with my Mornting playlist. I composed it so that when I wake up and the first thing I hear is praise for God. Is there a better way to start your morning than with Yolanda Adams screaming how you have the victory? How can you not have the victory after all of that? There is no more sleep after this song,…

  • Graphic Design featuring Big Sean lyric

    The Midnight Hour: Everything Sucks

    Share this...FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestemail Four month’s ago I had: just moved to the city of my dreams, left a job that was slowly killing me, woke up and found myself in a relationship with one of God’s favorite people, my edges were full, my skin was clear, and my bank account was flourishing.   Then, it all fell apart.   I was notified that the job that I prayed about is coming to an end.   I’m back on the job market, in one of the most expensive cities in the country, during one of the most expensive times of the year. And, to spice my story up a bit, all of…

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    Proverbs 3:5

    Share this...FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestemailMy life has been hectic, stressful, dramatic, and confusing since I moved to New York. On top of getting comfortable in the busiest city in the galaxy, I’ve quit a job that was sucking the life out of me, started a new position (because bills), got a new man, had a life altering fight with my best friend that I still secretly cry about, and recently dealt with Hurricane Harvey. Yeah, life has really been AH-LOT as of late. Yet, in a Proverbs 3:5 way, this season is the happiest I’ve been in a long time. I love the space that I’m in right now. My skin is clearing up. I’m on track…

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    Rihanna Summer

    Share this...FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestemailBefore I left Jacksonville I became OBSESSED with the idea of a Rihanna Summer. One day I was listening to ANTI going “wow. I relate to all of this.” Then I thought about it. Rihanna is carefree. Rihanna consistently does what she wants at all times. Rihanna seemingly didn’t have a care in the world. She went after what she wanted and dared someone to stop her. I wanted to be like Rihanna. So, my Rihanna Summer was born. I told myself that this summer I would do what I wanted when I wanted and I wouldn’t consider what other people would think about my decisions. It started with growing the balls…

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    The Hogwarts Express to Harlem

    Share this...FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestemailFun fact: I originally went to Howard because it was the closest school to the city of New York that I applied and got into. I was too scared to even THINK about applying to a school actually in the city and Washington D.C. close enough to teenage Alyssa. New York City has always been the best thing in the world to me. Artists talked about growing up there and how it helped shaped them. The movies and TV shows I watched only painted it as the city you show up to and your dreams automatically come true. You’ve arrived and the next day you’ve met your best friend…

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    Lucky Number 12

    Share this...FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestemailHello, everyone! I’m a first time guest on ODStorytime, long time reader who’s very excited and honored to be a guest blogger. Thank you to my friend Alyssa for the opportunity! Let’s get to it. My name is Ebony and based on my social media feeds, it would look like just about all I do is travel. That’s a partial truth – my official daytime job is working as a paralegal at a law firm in New York City. I promise you I get the same 10 days of vacation and 3 days elective as everyone else AND I’ve never used a sick day for anything else but doctor’s appointments and actual…

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    Journal Queen

    Share this...FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestemailMental Health Awareness Month! So this month I’m going to highlight a bunch of things that have helped with my anxiety and depression. The first task is journaling. Journaling has been a game changer for me. It allows me to get out ALL of my emotions and thoughts when my mind has too much going on. Do you know how good it feels to write our your frustrations? If you don’t then that’s a sign you should start journaling. I try to write at least once a day. Sometimes I do more and sometimes I only write once a week. But I take my journal with me everywhere. Whenever…

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    Share this...FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestemail All I did on Saturday was sleep. Well, that and caught up with my best friends. But the important part of this story is that all I did on Saturday was sleep. Friday was my last day at Ulta, things have been coming together with my professional life, and my personal life seemed less frantic this week. So on Saturday, I accidentally, on purpose, took a 5-hour “nap.” When I woke up I spent the next 4 hours watching YouTube, Netflix, and Snapchat until I fell back asleep for another 6 hours. So, once again, all I got so much sleep on Saturday. I can’t remember the last…