• Daily Affirmations Blog Post

    Daily Affirmations in the Middle of a Pandemic

    Share this...FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestemailLike most- COVID-19 has tried to take my edges, it’s called me everything but a child of God and even tried to cancel my wedding. My immediate reaction was to freak out, cry, pray, and then start again from step one. Fortunately, I’m finally feeling at peace with the new reality this pandemic has ushered into my life. The best tool that I have used to get back to this place has been sticking with my morning routine. In the morning I get up, do some light stretches, journal, read my bible and start the morning with daily affirmations. These cards remind me who I am, keep me assured…

  • Healthy Coping Skills

    Healthy Coping Skills I’ve Learned

    Share this...FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestemailThe end of last year was hard. I wish I could say that it was this sudden event that caused my world to turn upside down but it wasn’t. It was a series of small actions that lead to me making myself small, not practicing healthy boundary settings, and the worst depressive episode I have ever had. After taking a very long pause on all things not absolutely necessary, getting back on anti-depressants, and finding a therapist I can trust – I have revised what coping skills I use. I learned painful lessons and as I’m starting to come through the other side, I am understanding that it’s the little…

  • My Esthetician School Journey

    Minding My Business and Trusting God – My Journey to *Finally* Starting Esthetician School

    Share this...FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestemailWhen I first started blogging is when I truly started learning about skincare. After I fully immersed myself in glam makeup, I learned about how a good esthetician can merge the two worlds. (Mainly because I wanted my makeup to look better. Sorry not sorry.) I became fascinated with the career. The idea of helping people achieve their makeup and skincare goals seemed like the best job in the world. I immediately added it to my to-do list – and left it there for 3 years. I told my family and friends that this is something that I wanted to do and for the past 3 years there was always…

  • 5 Things That Have Changed Since My Engagement

    Five Things That Have Changed Since My Engagement

    Share this...FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestemailA little over three months ago, Josh and I officially announced to the world that we were going to do this thing called life together. It was such an exhilarating time in our relationship. We spent the next month looking at each other with crazy love eyes, ignoring responsibilities, and eating way too much cake. Since then, in preparation for our marriage, a lot of things have changed. I’ve been overcome with the idea that it’s not just me anymore. In order to properly transition into this new chapter, I needed to change. Lifestyle Choices After a hard look at my lifestyle choices, I’ve made a bunch of changes…

  • Alyssa's engagement ring

    Alyssa and Joshua #TheODMcNeils

    Share this...FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestemailBefore I moved out of D.C., my Little turned to me and said: “you’re going to move to New Jersey, fall in love, get married and never move back.” I chuckled, slightly entertained the idea, and pushed it out of my mind. It clearly went from her mouth to God’s ears because a few weeks later I met Joshua. As I got to know him I found him to be soft natured and shy when we were around big groups. Yet, when we were alone he was full of light and it was easy to make him laugh. His easygoing spirit was enough for me to deem him my…

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    Mistake Queen

    Share this...FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestemailGuess who’s #backtoblogging for the 800th time? ODStorytime is! I was forced to take a break from everything for a few reasons. I moved. My health started acting a plum fool. I started a new job. My world was turned upside down by a series of small events that added up to be a big freaking moment in my life. I wanted to blog my way through it. I truly did. I just couldn’t. Whenever I had a free moment, I would plan to create content. However, when the time came all I could do was sit on the couch and pray that soon the stress of it all would…

  • 25 Lessons I've learned in order to honor my 25th birthday

    25 for 25

    Share this...FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestemailFor my 25th birthday, I’m reflecting on 25 lessons I’ve learned over the years. Lessons I’ve learned about me I will never be too old for Harry Potter or my favorite stuffed animal, CiCi. Anybody who tries to take that from me shouldn’t be in my life. I am ten times stronger than I once believed I was. I am a conqueror. I often pray for increased strength or an enlarged territory and will be completely shocked when I have to work towards my requests. I’m silly. I’m horrible at discovering new music because I only listen to Hamilton and Beyoncé all day. There’s a small part of me…

  • Growing through your failures to propel you forward.

    The Midnight Hour: Grow Through It

    Share this...FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestemail I’m in a different place than when I started my “Midnight Hour” series. This, in itself, is a pure blessing. When I started this series I had just lost a job (a first for me), I was spending my favorite holiday apart from my family (a first for me), and everything seemed to be going to hell. My face was broke out, my hair fell out, I questioned everything and I became deeply discouraged. However, God found a way to bring me through. I could go on and on about how he did that, the people he used to do it, and the lessons that were revealed to me.…

  • Promotional photo of Cardi B and Yolanda Adams

    The Midnight Hour: From Yolanda Adams to Cardi B: My Morning Playlist of Encouragement

    Share this...FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestemailI don’t do anything without music. So, it’s obvious that the next step in this series is the music that helps me remain calm, focused, and in control. I deeply believe in doing a morning routine that promotes a great day. This is why I start my mornings off with my Mornting playlist. I composed it so that when I wake up and the first thing I hear is praise for God. Is there a better way to start your morning than with Yolanda Adams screaming how you have the victory? How can you not have the victory after all of that? There is no more sleep after this song,…

  • Graphic Design featuring Big Sean lyric

    The Midnight Hour: Everything Sucks

    Share this...FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestemail Four month’s ago I had: just moved to the city of my dreams, left a job that was slowly killing me, woke up and found myself in a relationship with one of God’s favorite people, my edges were full, my skin was clear, and my bank account was flourishing.   Then, it all fell apart.   I was notified that the job that I prayed about is coming to an end.   I’m back on the job market, in one of the most expensive cities in the country, during one of the most expensive times of the year. And, to spice my story up a bit, all of…