• Neutrogena Sheet Masks

    Sheet Mask Therapy

    Share this...FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestemailSheet Masks are therapeutic. In fact, I find them so therapeutic that I’ve forced everyone in my life to start incorporating them into their weekly routines. They’re quick, simple, and do wonders for your skin and mind. Seriously, pour a glass of wine, sit on your couch with a face mask, and ease your problems away. Frequent sheet masks were one of the things that helped me through my most recent life curveball. I get most of mine in bulk at TJMaxx and Marshalls. They always have great prices and a wide variety of a bunch of American, Korean, and Japanese skincare brands. Through them, I haven’t met a sheet…

  • 5 Black Women You Need to be Following on YouTube

    YouTube’s Black Beauties

    Share this...FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestemail    I’m a YouTube addict. I proudly admit that. In fact, I’m planning to launch a YouTube channel soon! (More information coming next month.) To continue the celebration of Black History, I’ve highlighted 5 black women you should follow on YouTube. Jackie Aina “The Queen” Jackie is an OG youtuber. As one of the most foremost beauty influencers in the space, she recently hit 2 million followers *screams*, Jackie Aina consistently speaks out about inclusivity in the beauty industry. In fact, when I first started blogging, she inspired my B.O.M.B. makeup look. Watch Her Work Cydnee Black “Ipsy Badass” Cydnee is my favorite Ipsy creator because she is…

  • SOAR! Build your vision from the ground up graphic

    #BooksandBronzer: SOAR! : Build Your Vision from the Ground Up

    Share this...FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestemail    Recently, I’ve become a committed member of the T.D. Jakes online congregation. I love it. I listen to a podcast sermon once a week, get my life, wash, rinse, repeat. While I am on the hunt for a physical church home, I’m enjoying learning from the Bishop. Because of this, I’ve been dying to get my hands on his latest book: SOAR!: Build Your Vision from the Ground Up. I got a copy at my local NYPL and cracked it open. If I’m honest, I had no idea what it was about. I half-listen to the commercials (sue me.) All I knew was that it was about encouragement…

  • Pictures of Fenty Beauty products and BHCosmetic products

    2017 Makeup Faves

    Share this...FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestemail2017 was a lot of things in the beauty community. Face masks rose to a new level. Some brands stayed true to themselves and released the same 15 pale shades with one “deep” option. And Pat McGrath came with a vengeance to scalp everyone. (We loved it though.) But, there are two things about 2017 that I will love forever: Fenty Beauty and the @itsmyrayeraye and BHCosmetics collab. Fenty Beauty Rihanna did not come to play with the girls. When I first saw that there would be 40 foundation shades and the stunning Trophy Wife Killawatt highlighter I was obviously all in. I was all in from the inception, obviously,…

  • ODBeauty


    Share this...FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestemailThis past weekend was the NY #GenBeauty and look…I had a time.   I’ve heard about the event for a while now. But I had always been too nervous to go. Excuses like: What if my makeup wasn’t good enough? I don’t even have a YouTube yet… Who is going to go with you? constantly went through my mind.   However, going this year was heavy on my heart for a long time. Then I saw a coupon code on Instagram… In my mind it was fate. In reality, it was Adworks doing its job. Whatever the reason, I took it as a sign and purchased a ticket.   For…

  • ODBeauty

    #BooksandBronzer: Sing, Unburied, Sing

    Share this...FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestemail   One day, while avoiding all of my responsibilities, I stumbled on Jesmyn Ward’s speaking event at the Schomburg Center. As a lover of all things black girl magic, I immediately signed myself up to hear her speak. As I sat and listened to Ward and the BAWSE that is Lisa Lucas discuss the book, I got a little nervous about what I just bought. The world we live in is in complete shambles. Every.Single.Day news comes out that makes me question how I even find the strength to leave the bed only to get: catcalled, paid unequal wages because I’m a woman, and looked at as 3/5th…

  • ODBeauty

    Dreaming of Clear Skin

    Share this...FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestemail My skin went to hell post grad. It was at a time where I was learning so much about makeup and trying everything out and not taking care of myself properly. Fortunately,  my skin is finally getting to a place where I’m comfortable with and below are my tips, suggestions, and products that have helped me along the way. Tips   Go to your dermatologist. It took me forever to finally drag my behind in the office. It could have all been so simple if I didn’t try to find the DIY recipe for why my skin was acting out. My dermatologist put me on some medicine that…

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    #BooksandBronzer Around the Way Girl

    Share this...FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestemail  I have a slight confession- this #BooksandBronzer was supposed to be out before Christmas. But due to my life not being together, it kept getting pushed back to now. Which turned out to be perfect timing. I’ve been able to see Hidden Figures and in the past 6 months the only things that have inspired me as much as this movie were: Beyoncé’s Formation concert and the cast recording of Hamilton: An American Musical. That’s it. Beautiful lessons have come and gone but I can look at each of these moments and look at how my behavior, mood, and drive increased immediately after experiencing these events.    …

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    #BooksandBronzer Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

    Share this...FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestemail The Harry Potter series will always have a special place in my heart. “Always.” This series has gotten me through some of my lowest moments in my life. When I finally decide to have kids, I can’t wait to share the joy that I have when I hear “expecto patronum” or the loyalty I have to Hufflepuff…even though Pottermore has me classified as a Gryffindor.   That’s why when I heard they were turning Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them into a movie I was ecstatic. I get to go back to my happy place. In the Wizarding World of Harry Potter I don’t have to worry about what’s going on at…

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    #BooksandBronzer: Assata: An Autobiography

    Share this...FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestemailI like makeup. I also like to read. I decided to combine the two for a new segment of the blog called #BooksandBronzer. Here, I’ll discuss a book that I recently finished and then create a makeup look based off of the cover art or the storyline. Below are my reactions to Assata: An Autobiography  — When we first moved into our apartment before senior year, my roommate Disa read Assata. After she was finished she ranted and raved about it and encouraged me to drop everything that I was doing to read it. Well, that didn’t happen. Time passed and I moved to New Jersey. On one of my many trips back…