bite beauty lip lab

Bite Beauty Lip Lab

My 25th year around the sun was a lot. Frankly, I didn’t think my year was going to go like this. However, it taught me more about love, my “no’s” became louder than ever, and I accomplished a lot of health goals; and for all of this, I am thankful. As my 26th birthday started to creep up on me; I became confused as to how I wanted to spend it. Which is where my fiancé stepped in. He planned the entire day out for me and all I had to do was live in the moment. He knows I love beauty and one of my long term goals is to create a cosmetics company. So, he did his research and booked me a trip to the Bite Beauty Lab in SoHo. 

Bite Beauty is a beauty company that specializes in lip products. They are the makers of the cult favorite Agave Lip Mask (which I have and love!) In New York City they have a Lip Lab where you can customize your own lipsticks. We did the Bespoke experience where I created my perfect red and nude lipsticks.

The red and brown lipsticks I created at the Bite Beauty Lab

I went into the appointment with a basic understanding of what I wanted and my lip artist helped me create two shades that I absolutely love! We created a matte blue-red with a wild berry scent, OD Lys, and a satin everyday nude, OD Love. The process was extremely fun. First, I told her what I was looking for and she mixed a few pigments together to get us started. Then, we tested and added different hues until both shades were perfect. The artist gave me time to think of my shade names while she set my lipsticks in their Bite packaging. Finally, I recieved deluxe samples of their agave mask, lip liner, and lip scrub.

The lipsticks I created at the Bite Beauty Lip Lab as well as the deluxe samples of the Mini Agave Lip Mask, Mini Line & Define Lip Primer, Mini Whipped Cherry Lip Scrub.

Overall, the experience was one of a kind and I’m thankful I got the opportunity to create two lipsticks that are perfect for me! If you got the chance to create your own lipsticks what would you create?

Me in front of the Bite Beauty Lip Lab in SoHo for my 26th birthday.