Hey, What’s Up, Hello.

My name is Alyssa and my life is really dramatic. I’m a lover of all things makeup, Netflix, black excellence, bottomless mimosas, and #WineCrushWednesdays.

Overdramatic Storytime was crafted as a way for me to express different moments in my life. I would text my friends #ODStorytime and they knew to expect a series of vivid texts to describe a 10 minute conversation with my current crush, what happened in the grocery store, or how I’m upset because one of my favorite shows didn’t have an ending that I wanted. I give simple stories loads of pizzazz, sparkle, and fun.  At first, #ODStorytime was just a brief hilarious moment with my friends. Now, it’s evolved into my persona.

Life is too short for bad wine, fake friends, and horrible stories. Every moment is precious. Why be boring?



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